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Quantum Encoding: An Overview

Encoding information for storage or transmission is one of the fundamental tasks of information theory. For decades, the bit has been the fundamental unit for information science. However, advances in quantum computing have led to the development of quantum computers that use qubits(quantum bits) instead of bits. Qubits can be 0, 1, or in both of these two states at once(superposition). Empowered by superposition, quantum entanglement and interference quantum computers have capabilities to solve certain problems faster than conventional computers through various quantum algorithms.

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General Technology | Quantum Computing

Real-world quantum computers would be possible sooner through new method of circuit compression

Any real-world quantum computer faces the challenge of needing to deal with errors with large numbers of physical qubits. These errors that accumulate are resource-intensive as well as time-consuming in terms of computation. Researchers have not found an effective software method that allows for quantum circuits to be compressed significantly, reducing the demands on hardware.

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Algorithms | Quantum Computing

Shenzhen National Super-computing centre announces ambitious upgrade plan with sights on Quantum Computing

On October 27, it was revealed that the National Super-computing Centre in Shenzhen, China is planning to work on upgrading its supercomputer complex. The original report says the supercomputer will be at least 1000 times faster by 2022. It will be used in scientific, cloud computing, big data, and AI research among other subjects and fields.

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Articles on Quantum Computing | Quantum Computing

Quantum Computing. What should CEO’s know about the emerging technology?

Unless you have been living in a cave, you must have heard of quantum computing, the field that is set to overturn the world as we know it – or is it? For sure there is a great deal of quantum hype in the field. But what should you tune into and how might Quantum developments impact your business. We highlight some thinking around Quantum Computing with the aim to shine light on developments which could mean Quantum Computing is more disruptive than the Internet.

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Quantum Computing | Quantum Computing Companies

Quantum Computing Company of the Day: Zapata Computing

The name Zapata reminds us of Frank Zappa. Simply just can’t break that association. For those who don’t already know Frank Zappa, he was one of the most creative non-conforming musicians, who could play just about any musical instrument. We’ll see that perhaps this universal ability to interface with any “hardware” is proving to be quite important in the Quantum Computing space, much like Frank Zappa, able to pick up a guitar or drum sticks.

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