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Quantum Computing is here. Billions of dollars are being pumped into this nascent industry. What does it mean for us all? We want to explore the Quantum world with you. From understanding the fundamentals to applications and an inside look at businesses, Quantum Zeitgeist is here to help.

Quantum is only just beginning

The Mission

We aim to bring together different segments of the Quantum sector. The growing field of Quantum Computing has a range of skill-sets from Academic research to Applications. We bring all of these areas together, where readers can explore the latest Quantum technological developments all the way to the latest news from start-ups and market insights and trends.

“We assist decision makers in Quantum Computing and allied industries”

We aim to provide information to help people understand better what Quantum Computing is, how it relates to them and how they can get involved.

So whether you are a student, researcher, programmer, we show you how you can involved in the quantum space – whether programming a Quantum Computer or understanding about the basic science behind what makes Quantum Computing so promising for the future of the planet.

An example of the IBM Quantum Computing effort that has seen a rapid growth in the number of qubits that can be operated. Now at 53 qubits from 5 qubits just a couple of years ago. Recently IBM have announced their new roadmap to bring us > 1,000 qubits by 2023.

Quantum Computing could be at the stage where classical computing was in the 1950’s. We could be seeing the early equivalent of the integrated circuit which catapulted classical computing into the foreground.

Before the transistor came valves. Are we at the same stage with us addressing individual qubits as we were with valves? What will the future be for qubit technology and their integration into larger systems?

We think there are many parallels between the early days of classical computing and quantum computing, although now we have technologies and means of distributing information such as QuantumZeitgeist which means that information can flow better and faster.

Computers from the 1970’s – Room sized machines with magnetic tape for storage

Our Values

  • Integrity. Journalistic Integrity is what we aim for. Only the highest standards of Journalism.
  • Clarity. We aim to be clear about the complexities of Quantum. The subject matter is difficult, but we aim to make descriptions clear, precise and easy to understand for a variety of different audiences.
  • Inclusive. We are inclusive of all genders, races, ethnicity and sexuality. We only care about bringing you quality information.
  • Educational. We aim to educate and inform. Our intention is to share information such that our readers can come away with information that can help them.
  • Fun. Where possible we want to cover articles in a manner which makes them easy to read and a pleasure. We want to make learning about Quantum technologies as straightforward as possible.
  • Unbiased. We tell it like it is. We have no political agenda, only that we aim to promote the development of Quantum Computing.
  • Specialism. We have knowledgeable experts with a variety of expertise from Physics to Economics to Quantum Computing. Many of the writing team have a background in academic and commercial research as well as PhD’s.
  • Passion. We love science and technology. We expect this to shine through in our work. Where possible we’ll help you join the dots to understand Quantum better using the vast sector experience we have.


Where appropriate we team up with partners who provide products or services that our readers will find useful. This is very necessary part of our business. We also think the synergies act to help and provide value to our readers.

Quantum Computing Company Profiles

To understand some of the companies involved in the Quantum Computing Race, Quantum Zeitgeist has a series of over one hundred companies involved in the industry. Here you can see companies from the UK, US, China and some of these names you may have heard of such as Google, IBM, but other such as Xanadu might be less familiar. For a global map of companies you can see an interactive Google Map of quantum companies.

Quantum Computing Careers

To support the Quantum Industry, people and skills are a key ingredient. Search for positions or add job descriptions if your business is looking for talent.

Careers with Quantum Zeitgeist

We are always on the look out for talented people. We have open positions for the following individuals..

The Quantum Zeitgeist team

We have built numerous online business and been involved with some well known household names. We have a blend of talent from Quantum Researchers, Statisticians, Physicists, Mathematicians to Business Development Executives. All here to make your journey into the Quantum more enjoyable.

Here is Colossus, one of the early computers that literally takes up a room. The 1940’s Machine seen at Bletchley Park helped the allies defeat the Nazi’s but also paved the way for the machines that we use today.
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