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How Classic software developers can learn Quantum Computing

The quantum revolution is on its way. Whilst researchers are still finding the killer applications that take Quantum Computing into prime time that hasn’t stopped developers learning the basis of Quantum Computing and how to program qubits in a range of devices and simulators that come from the Likes of IBM, Microsoft and Google plus lesser known start-ups such as CQC (Cambridge Quantum Computing) and Xanadu.

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Quantum Cloud

National Science Foundation Pushes into the Quantum Cloud

The Quantum Cloud is much like the computing cloud that we all typically know about and use (often unknowingly). Services such as AWS (amazon web services) are cloud services which means that companies such as QuantumZeitgeist do not need to run on rack of our own physical hardware. Making sense in today’s technological climate, the NSF is making funds available for those wanting to use Cloud Quantum Computing as a service with the aim of enhancing certain key areas.

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D-wave goes quantum cloud in big way

D-Wave Systems announced largest-ever global quantum cloud contract with Sigma-i, a company in Japan formed to optimize the world with quantum computing technologies. Sigma-i will offer quantum consulting services and access to the D-Wave 2000Q family of systems to companies, universities, and research laboratories throughout Japan. You can read more here: https://insidehpc.com/2019/07/d-wave-announces-largest-ever-quantum-cloud-access-contract/

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