Quantum Computer makes TIME’s Best Invention of 2022.

Quantum Computer Makes Time'S Best Invention Of 2022.

Annually, TIME recognizes and honours products, software, and services that have shown great potential in solving complex problems creatively and uniquely. This year, out of the 200 inventions, Quantum Computer, Albert by ColdQuanta, a world-leading quantum technology marketing company specializing in the quantum methods of Cold Atoms, has made it among the top inventions.

The company recently released the world’s first gate-based cold atom quantum computer, Hilbert, and ColdQuanta’s Albert beta quantum matter platform. With the click of a button, Albert can generate, manage, and build quantum matter using advanced technology and Bose-Einstein condensate (BEC). Albert jumpstarts discoveries and drastically lowers development costs, whether he is working on quantum sensor technologies, fundamental science, or training the next generation of quantum workers.

Albert, uniquely structured to be the only platform of its kind for quantum design, enables anyone to access and control atoms cooled to a billionth of 1° above absolute zero from their computer. Researchers can remotely use Cold-quantum-matter Quanta’s machine to build potentially game-changing improvements thanks to this technology, which was previously exclusively available to professional scientists but is now available to everyone. One potential is self-driving cars that never lose their GPS connection. This year saw the beta release of Albert, and the full version will follow soon.

About ColdQuanta

ColdQuanta, is a leading quantum technology company that uses quantum mechanics to solve the world’s most difficult problems. They use quantum mechanics to construct and integrate quantum computers, sensors, and networks, with the ultimate goal of enabling “quantum everywhere” via their ecosystem. ColdQuanta is a technical leader with 14 years of R&D and accompanying intellectual property. ColdQuanta’s cold-atom technology enables them to pack over 100,000 atoms into a single glass cell and convert them into quantum computing qubits. Other quantum companies, on the other hand, must produce one qubit per time.

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