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New York Physicists Program Nanolight

A quantum physicist team affiliated with the Max Planck–New York City Center for Nonequilibrium Quantum Phenomena recently developed a novel platform capable of controlling light at a nanoscale wavelength. They manipulated the light by programming a layered crystal’s electromagnetic response. Other than controlling nanolight itself, this discovery can potentially lead to new quantum information processing and imaging capabilities.

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Quantum Physics

One British Company Aims to make Quantum Chip Design Smarter

THE British based company, Quantopticon, was founded by a number of physicists who have been developing their software suite over the past two decades. Quantillion was developed with the purpose to help researchers and designers build smarter photonics devices. As the competition for building quantum computers and Qubits heats up, scientists are looking at ways to build more effective photonic devices, faster and more cost effectively. This is where the rapid prototyping software can replace physical prototyping in the design cycle.

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China has a new 71 site Bose–Hubbard quantum simulator for quantum electrodynamics research

As of late November 2020, The University of Science and Technology of China (USTC) has announced its new breakthrough. Through collaboration with Heidelberg University in Germany and The University of Trento in Italy, they have successfully created a new 71 site Bose–Hubbard quantum simulator. This is groundbreaking for electrodynamics, especially gauge theory.

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