Ion Traps added to Xanadu Pennylane Quantum Machine Learning platform

Ion Traps Added To Xanadu Pennylane Quantum Machine Learning Platform

The quantum machine learning platform from Xanadu: Pennylane will now support Ion trapped qubits provided from AQT. Xanadu has its own photonic systems but adding AQT’s hardware to the line-up will provide alternative hardware for users.

“PennyLane supports a wide range of quantum hardware and machine learning libraries and we are pleased to add AQT’s quantum computers to the ecosystem”

Nathan Killoran, Head of Software and Algorithms at Xanadu

About AQT

AQT is an Austrian based company spun out from Innsbruck University and the Austrian Academy of Sciences. They have pioneered ion trap quantum computers and are competing in a space with the likes of Universal Quantum from the UK.