PASQAL Launches Quantum Discovery: A Platform Providing Enterprises with Practical Experience in Neutral Atoms Quantum Computing

Pasqal Launches Quantum Discovery: A Platform Providing Enterprises With Practical Experience In Neutral Atoms Quantum Computing

PASQAL, a prominent player in neutral atoms quantum computing, has announced the launch of Quantum Discovery, a pioneering platform for exploring neutral atoms quantum computing. The Quantum Discovery platform offers access to PASQAL’s quantum emulators and 100-qubit quantum processing unit, enabling users to experience a real-world quantum computer in action.

This program aims to assist users in enhancing their understanding of quantum computing, recognizing practical applications for neutral atoms quantum computing, and examining how their companies can benefit from the technology.

PASQAL’s technology is founded on the Nobel Prize-winning research of its co-founder Alain Aspect, and the company aims to deliver a 1,000-qubit quantum computer by 2024. The company has established a strong customer base, including prominent names such as BMW, BASF, Johnson & Johnson, Siemens, Airbus, LG Electronics, and Thales. In January 2023, the company announced a successful €100 million Series B funding round.

Encouraging Collaborative Learning: How Quantum Discovery’s Cloud-Based Platform Engages Teams in Exploring Quantum Computing.

Quantum Discovery is a cloud-based web platform designed to give businesses and their employees an opportunity to gain insights into quantum computing and its potential applications. It allows users to explore the benefits of this emerging technology and experience a real-world quantum computer in action. The platform is team-oriented and encourages groups of employees to sign up and take part in the program together.

Each participant must complete their own modules, but they can track the progress of other team members. The program comprises three modules, which users can complete in any order. The first module, Foundations of Quantum Computing, introduces the basics of quantum computing, including quantum algorithms and gates. It provides users with a foundational understanding of quantum computing.

The second module, Quantum Computing Applications, presents real-world applications for quantum computing in cryptography, finance, and optimization. This module helps users identify opportunities where quantum computing could be applied to solve real-world problems in their businesses.

The third module, Building a Quantum Computer, allows users to explore the design and implementation of quantum computers by examining the components required to build a quantum computer, such as qubits and gates. This module gives users a more technical understanding of how quantum computers work and how they are built.

Quantum Discovery is a valuable tool for businesses looking to gain insights into quantum computing and its potential applications. It is designed to be accessible and user-friendly, allowing participants to explore the technology and its potential applications at their own pace.

Neutral atoms quantum computing has the greatest potential to reach quantum advantage and deliver strategic value to enterprises across industries. Enterprise users can now explore the benefits of neutral atoms quantum computing for themselves with the launch of Quantum Discovery. We look forward to seeing the variety of applications enterprises will leverage to solve critical challenges in their industries.”  

Georges-Olivier Reymond, CEO and co-founder of PASQAL.

An Exploration Platform for Enterprises to Experience Neutral Atoms Quantum Computing

Quantum Discovery provides a valuable opportunity for businesses to gain insights into quantum computing and its potential applications and explore the benefits of this emerging technology.

The initial offering of PASQAL’s quantum adoption service for enterprises is Quantum Discovery. Upon completion of this stage, enterprises can progress to subsequent stages that offer further support for the development and integration of quantum technologies.

These stages include the development of proof of concept with the aid of PASQAL’s team of quantum programmers, testing on a quantum processor, creating a specific roadmap towards quantum advantage, and execution by a team consisting of domain experts, experienced quantum developers, and quantum hardware engineers. Additionally, enterprises can leverage quantum computing through cloud-based solutions with API access and integrate quantum applications into their workflows.