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Germany’s Fraunhofer installs IBM Quantum System One, in boost for Europe’s Quantum Push

The research organisation Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft took delivery of an IBM Quantum System One, reportedly the only machine outside of the US. The institute hopes to develop future industrial applications. In the digital presence of Chancellor Angela Merkel, Federal Minister of Education and Research Anja Karliczek and Minister-President of Baden-Württemberg Winfried Kretschmann unveiled the IBM machine on the 15th of June. The system comprises 27 qubits and it the most capable quantum system in Europe.

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Bold New Version of IBM’s Qiskit Quantum Development Kit released includes Quantum Machine Learning and New Nature Module

One of the most popular Quantum languages and toolsets, Qiskit, now gets a new upgrade to version 025 which includes some new modules such as Nature. The already popular package Aqua gets a replacement which is aimed, not just at Chemistry but Physics too. There are also enhancements to Quantum Machine Learning (QML) which see Qiskit releasing a Machine Learning Module. QML has been perhaps one of the biggest areas of interest from Quantum Computing in application to a number of fields, so no surprise that the Qiskit toolset now sports QML capability. In total there are now four additional modules: Qiskit Nature (which will replace Aqua), Finance, Optimization and Machine Learning.

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Could IBM re-invent itself and become the King of Quantum Cool?

I grew up in the twilight time between home computers and PC’s or more specifically IBM compatible PCs. The early nineties were a mix of playing with primitive machines like the BBC micro, spectrum machines and the Commodore 64. But it was the IBM PC that really set me on the journey into computing, science and much more. Here was a proper business machine that could be used at home for everything from spreadsheets to games to word-processing to developing read world applications.

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