Qiskit Quantum Explorers: IBM’s Latest Quantum Computing Learning Program for beginners

Qiskit Quantum Explorers: Ibm'S Latest Quantum Computing Learning Program For Beginners

IBM announced the launch of “Quantum Explorers,” a self-paced, game-based learning program designed to introduce high school students and above to the rapidly-evolving field of quantum computing. The program incorporates space exploration as a theme and invites participants to embark on an interstellar journey as a starship captain while building proficiency in quantum computing.

Quantum Explorers is a beginner-friendly program that caters to individuals with varying experience and expertise in the field. As participants unlock gamified achievements, the program gradually increases in difficulty to ensure that learners are appropriately challenged. The program comprises engaging study materials, seminars, community events, and career advice to enrich the participant’s understanding of quantum computing.

The program is structured to equip participants with a comprehensive understanding of quantum computing, its applications in fields such as quantum machine learning and quantum optimization, and how to program real quantum computers. The diverse community of learners and experts allows participants to collaborate, share ideas, and learn from one another.

Quantum Explorers 101

IBM is excited to offer Quantum Explorers as a tool to support individuals seeking to expand their knowledge of quantum computing. This program is an excellent opportunity for students, industry professionals, and quantum enthusiasts to explore the fascinating world of quantum computing while contributing to a vibrant and supportive community of learners.

The Quantum Explorers program comprises seven themed achievements, each with an associated badge that learners must unlock by completing the requisite learning modules, events, or tasks. The program culminates in a certification based on the number of badges collected.

Although explorers from the 2022-23 cohort may recognize most of the badges, a new and undisclosed badge achievement has been introduced for the current cohort. The program will run from July 2023 to February 2024, during which learners are expected to dedicate 50 to 85 hours of their time, depending on their level of engagement.

The program primarily takes place on a designated Discord server, and participants are required to have a Discord account. For those without an account, guidelines on creating one have been provided to facilitate preparation for the program.

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