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New year new job? Could Quantum be the new industry of the roaring twenties?

As we close out another year and another decade, many pundits will be thinking about the next decade and what technological and science breakthroughs we can look forward to. A lot can happen in 10 years and the excitement in the speed of innovation with developments like the web, mobile and communications have many excited. Imagine 10 years in the development of the web – we went from cutesy home pages to full blown commerce. We might disagree about exactly what the future looks like, but how do you ensure you can still find work and employment in the new landscape?

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New study introduces measures on how a new quantum workforce should be trained

Recently, a newly published study has outlined several methods that colleges and universities can use when updating their curricula to help train new quantum workers that will enter the industry’s workforce. Rochester Institute of Technology Associate Professor Ben Zwickl, one of three researchers, suggested these methods after interviewing more than 20 managers working in quantum technology companies across the US.

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Boosting Diversity and Inclusion in Quantum Computing at HBCU Centre

IBM Quantum’s grand project During 2020’s summer season, the U.S. saw numerous protests against systematic racism and police brutality against Black Americans. These protests were nationwide and marked a critical point for American racial and social justice. Such protests also had the effect of reminding tech companies and other industries to do more in providing […]

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Will a new high level quantum programming language, Silq, take on existing languages?

At QZ we always get excited when we see a new framework or programming language. A team of researchers at have created a new high level language which aims to make programming quantum computers more intuitive resulting in more efficient gate usage – well that that is the aim of Silq, which is a new high-level programming language for quantum computing with a strong static type system, developed at ETH Zürich.

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