New version of OpenQASM on the horizon: OpenQASM v3.

OpenQASM is one of the open source languages that quantum circuit designers employ. The language first emerged in 2017 and has been part of IBM’s Qiskit Quantum experience. Currently on version 2, a new version is in the works. As languages evolve new features often emerge. We’ll take a quick look at the latest incarnation.

You can read the full spec on OpenQASM 3 and learn about the new features from the specification document. Version 3.0 of the OpenQASM specification aims to extend OpenQASM to include:

  • A broader family of computation with classical logic.
  • Explicit timing.
  • Embedded pulse-level definitions.

It is with these use cases in mind that we have a proposed OpenQASM3. Designed for a next-generation of quantum computing hardware that interfaces the classical and quantum regimes, OpenQASM3 proposes a multi-level programming model that will allow the dynamic exploration of quantum systems

OpenQASM 3.0