Google relaunched Quantum page to help get you started more quickly in Quantum Machine Learning

Google is no slouch when it comes to Quantum. Being the first company around a year ago to announce that it had achieved Quantum supremacy it has steadily been improving its offering with a range of tools that are firing on every cylinder. Some of those tools include the popular language cirq and the ever popular ML package Tensorflow which has been adapted for Quantum Machine Learning. Now there is new re-vamped page highlighting everything that Google is doing in the Quantum AI space.

You can learn more about Cirq, their frameworks and research in the quantum space. The pages are very refreshingly organised, supremely clear, well designed and formatted which is going to make researchers and practitioners lives so much easier when it comes to learning about changes in the tools and frameworks as well as learning from scratch.

Learn more and see the QuantumAI page from Google.