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IBM adds Corona Virus to its 2020 Global Code Challenge

March 21, 2020

The 2020 Call for Code Global Challenge is now focused on two areas. Covid-19 and the Climate Crisis. You can be sure a lot of people will be looking at this topic and IBM has to be applauded for including this monumental task in the 2020 challenge.

Microscopic artistic illustration of the 2019 corona virus (Covid-19) that was discovered in Wuhan, China. Could you help in the challenge to combat Covid-19.

This year’s challenge is focused both on COVID-19 and climate change. Whatever you choose to build, register here for free access to the IBM Cloud and to receive regular updates that will arm you with new skills and help you accelerate your development.

2020 Call for Code Global Challenge

If you have an idea and it doesn’t have not be quantum based, then do please head over to the IBM sign up site and get an account.