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Summary of White House’s new report on Quantum Computing

On the 7th October 2020, the White House in the United States released a report, named Quantum Frontiers: Report on Community Input to the Nation’s Strategy for Quantum Information Science. In it, there are eight identified frontiers that have problems impeding progress. As a result, the American government sought advice and help from the quantum community, and this report describes some solutions to these problems.

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Creating fault-tolerant quantum computation

Noise and errors are some of the major problems that plague the field of quantum computing. There should be no surprise then that research teams around the globe are looking at ways to reduce noise and come up with clever schemes to deal with errors that take place during computing. Now a team at IBM have come up with a new methodology that enables a Quantum Computer to better compensate for errors.

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Toyota and Microsoft Quantum reduce carbon emissions 20% with Azure Quantum

Sadly the world still runs on carbon and despite the need to reduce it, or eliminate it completely there are still plenty of gas guzzlers on the road. The question is whether any optimization could help the environment without going full electric. Microsoft, Toyota and Jij worked on using Quantum algorithms to efficiently help traffic flow around the streets of Japan.

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