Quantum Computing Movies for self-isolation during covid lockdowns

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For whatever reason – if you happen to be staying in because of the virus, you might be looking for things to do, things to learn and things to listen to.

If you want to delve a bit deeper into Quantum Computing you can learn from a variety of sources including courses, books (Quantum Computing) and more specialised books (Quantum Machine Learning) and online publications. And of course, there are online interactive programmes (QZ gets commission for purchases).

But if you want to relax and unwind a little, we have put together some resources of movies that cover Quantum Computing and the Quantum area, both fiction and fact.

We even put together some videos that explain Quantum Computing in the past (a lazy guide to understanding Quantum Computing), but we want to put them together with other resources that cover the Quantum field.

The Race: How To Build A Quantum Computer

A computing revolution is coming. And Leo Kouwenhoven might be the man to kick-start it. Discoverer of a fundamental but elusive ingredient for quantum computing, Kouwenhoven is close to inaugurating a new era of information technology. But the competition is hot on his tail. As the heat intensifies and with wealth, fame and ill health at stake, Kouwenhoven finds his brilliance tested like never before.

Taming the Quantum World

Lars Becker-Larsen’s film takes us back to the legendary tram ride during Albert Einstein’s visit to Niels Bohr in Copenhagen, on which the two physicists immediately got into a hefty argument about the peculiar quantum world. Taming the Quantum World tells the story of how the craziness of quantum physics is now being transformed into practical reality.

Transcendence (2014)

Maybe a more tangential reference to Quantum Computing, where one of the main characters uploads his consciousness into a Quantum Computer.

The Fabric of the Cosmos

A four-part hour-long series by Brian Greene on what makes the stuff of the Universe. As you’d expect a lot of what is under the hood is Quantum in Nature. But this series gives insight into how the cosmos works.

Physicist Brian Greene reveals the mind-boggling quantum reality beneath the surface of our everyday world.

Einstein’s Quantum Riddle (BBC)

I still am in love with the BBC series Tomorrow’s World which sadly met its demise a number of years ago. The BBC still does since programmes and this one is about the fundamentals of QM and the story of quantum entanglement, perhaps one of the most strange concepts in science.

Exploring Quantum History with Brian Greene

Brian Greene is a celebrity scientist and publishes extensively on all matters to do with Quantum and the Universe. However, he also has a CBS series that explores the History of Quantum science in an accessible manner.

Copenhagen (2002)

Perhaps a strange-sounding name, but the title comes from the way we typically interpret Quantum Mechanics. There are many interpretations including Bohm, Multiverse and Copenhagen is one.

An adaptation of the celebrated and award-winning stage play about the meeting between physicists Niels Bohr and Werner Heisenberg in 1941 Copenhagen (hence the title).

Many Worlds (2018)

This fictional film describes a professor of Quantum Physics who receiving “visions” of future events which he eventually interprets as information markers that he must do anything he can to stop a catastrophic global virus from occurring.

For those who are interested in the philosophical interpretations of Quantum Mechanics this movie has some fun entertainment.

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