Quantum Machines pulls in $17.5M investment for Quantum Orchestration platform

In this climate when the whole world is focused on the Corona Virus, it’s great to hear some positive news related to the Quantum industry and especially funding – which in this climate could be very difficult. So the news that the Tel-Aviv company Quantum Machines achieved $17.5M for its series A investment is especially good news.

Quantum Machines earlier earlier in 2020 launched its Quantum Orchestration Platform, which gives researchers and development teams tools to run complex quantum algorithms and experiments. It has now secured investment from Harel, Battery Ventures led by entrepreneur Avigdor Willenz.

The Quantum Machines Offering. The Tel-Aviv company raised $17.5M for a series A investment and its product is Quantum Orchestration Hardware and Software.

“The race to commercial quantum computers is one of the most exciting technological challenges of our generation”

Avigdor Willenz. Investor in Quantum Machines

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