IBM Quantum launches accelerator for enterprise in a bid to build Quantum Readiness

Ibm Quantum Launches Accelerator For Enterprise In A Bid To Build Quantum Readiness

A new program from IBM aims to accelerate enterprises entry into Quantum Computing. The program from Big Blue is to help prepare companies to become Quantum Ready. IBM has made major strides being one of the first to offer cloud-based Quantum Computing and continues to drive adoption across Quantum and non-quantum industries.

The IBM Accelerator offering is designed to set forward-thinking organizations on the path to developing quantum advantage: applications for which quantum computers outperform classical computers. It is meant to make quantum computation part of mainstream company workflows for any organization, regardless of the existing quantum computing background.

Think of the quantum journey like a road trip: some CEOs are still in the garage—they may have simply read about quantum and hope to learn more. Others are just turning the ignition key—they have begun researching quantum, and are looking to incorporate it into a strategic vision of their future.

Quantum advantage beckons for the Enterprise

The mission of the IBM Accelerator offering is to help guide participants onto that road:

  • For our new and curious customers, we help build foundational knowledge of quantum technology and provide insights into how quantum might apply to their sector, while helping to assess quantum’s impact in that industry and hypothesizing where quantum might address previously impossible problems.
  • For enabled customers, we help define future-state capabilities that would be required to realize their vision, collaboratively determine and prioritize gaps in their quantum capabilities, and develop a path to build up these capabilities, while estimating the business value and investment needed in order to realize their quantum goals.
  • For customers with established quantum computing expertise, we help orchestrate and refine the strategy for executing the participant’s quantum roadmap, while working together on applying quantum algorithms to their business problems.

To read more about the programme and sign-up go here.