Top 10 Quantum Companies ranked according to their number of Quantum Patents

Top 10 Quantum Companies Ranked According To Their Number Of Quantum Patents

IPRdaily, a provider of intellectual property intelligence, recently announced the top companies that have been granted corresponding Quantum Patents. The analysis was conducted in order to reveal the most active participants in this industry. As the industry develops rapidly, more and more countries and regions are joining the group to initiate quantum computing programs to build up a quantum talent pool and IP.

International Patents

Ever since 2015, the quantum computing industry is growing rapidly, and to date, more than 400 companies are engaged in this industry. Many large companies such as Google, Intel, and IBM have made great efforts to promote the development of quantum technology. U.S. companies such as Microsoft and Amazon have also been actively involved in quantum computing research and development. Among the top countries that rank top in terms of the number of quantum start-ups are the United States, followed by Canada, China, and Japan.

Quantum computing has made landmark progresses with increasing patents in the quantum area. IPRdaily reports showed that the majority of the companies came from 18 countries and regions, 40% of which are from the US, followed by 15% from China, 11% from Japan, 7% from Canada, 6% from the UK, 4% from Australia, 3% from German, 2% from Swiss, Israel, and Finland respectively, and 1% from Austria, Ireland, Spain, Korea, France, Sweden, Poland, and Malta respectively.

Among the 100 Listed Quantum Companies with outstanding patents in the quantum computing field, the following are ranked. The top 10 companies were listed as follows:

IPRdaily reported that the data analyzed included patents in the field of quantum computing processing systems and methods, quantum circuit operation method and device, quantum state tomography method and device, quantum program conversion method and device, quantum logic gate operation optimization method, superconducting quantum processors and quantum control and measurement technology, and other technical fields, but excluded patents in the field of quantum key cryptography and quantum-resistant cryptography.

Data also indicated the origin and region of each patent, wherein it becomes clear that US, Chinese, Japanese, and Canadian businesses applied for or currently hold the majority of these patents. In comparison to the other nations or regions, the US had the highest percentage of these patented innovations (54.18%), followed by China (16.68%), Japan (7.94%), and Canada (7.04%).

Furthermore, data analysis also shows the ranking based on times being cited, among the top companies were coming from the US, Japan, China, and Canada.

Coming from the Top 100 List of Companies, which lies in 58th rank, and 8th in China, SpinQ Technology Inc., established in 2018, is a company that provides one-stop solutions in quantum computing. Its missions include promoting the commercialization and popularization of quantum computing by means of technology R&D and commercial landings. SpinQ Technology Inc. is patenting more technologies with more experts joining its team and more research input. The quantum company has developed and produced a series of commercial desktop NMR quantum computers including Gemini, Triangulum, and Gemini Mini, which are the best sellers in China and abroad.

Apart from its NMR quantum computers, the company has developed its own quantum programming framework SpinQKit, cloud platform Tauras, and a prototype of a superconducting quantum computer. Altogether, these provide one-stop solutions from hardware and software to applications. Moving forward, it will continuously upgrade its existing products and develop new solutions to provide users with full-stack services that are stable, easy to use, and highly applicable by means of controllable and integrated research and development.

See the full list of top companies with quantum patents here.

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