Quantum Industry Canada launches to further the Quantum industry in Canada

Quantum Industry Canada Launches To Further The Quantum Industry In Canada

Quantum Industry Canada (QIC) is a new alliance to help forge Canada as one of the leaders in Quantum Computing. The consortium is headquartered in Toronto, Canada. The founding members of QIC include D-Wave, 1Qbit, Xanadu, Zapata, ISARA but there are over 20 (24 to be precise) companies listed and already involved in the project.

National Quantum efforts are on the rise as we see China, the US and the European nations pump funds into the nascent but growing quantum industry. This is Canada trying to maintain I would say in some cases a very strong lead. Canada punches above its weight when it comes down to the quality of quantum innovation and the QIC should help the nation remain competitive in the face of competition from other nations. D-wave was the first company to sell commercial Quantum Computers.

The QIC was created to ensure that Canada remains a global leader in this new emerging industry

You can learn more about the QIC from their website. We already can see some of the companies listed are pulling their weight and are some of the most prominent quantum companies. Already D-wave is one of the grand-daddies of the industries having been in existence for 20 years. Xanadu has been featured many times and is making a name for itself in Quantum Machine Learning. ProteinQure is exploring Quantum for drug discovery. Already many of these companies have become integrated in software stacks, such as AWS.

The full list of companies is:

  • 1Qbit
  • AFT
  • Agnostiq
  • Anyon
  • CogniFrame
  • Crypto4A
  • D-wave
  • evolutionQ
  • HighQ
  • InfoSec Global
  • Isara
  • Nanoacademic industries
  • Netramark
  • NXM
  • OTI
  • ProteinQure
  • QuantumBenchmark
  • QeyNet
  • SQB
  • softwareQ
  • SolidStateAI
  • UQDevices
  • Xanadu
  • Zapata