France’s Pasqal publishes the path to 200 qubit Quantum Computer

The French Quantum innovator Pasqal has published the plan it has for a 200 qubit quantum computer. The 15 strong team and expanding is opening a new facility in the south of France at the Institut d’Optique. The plan is for Pasqal to achieve multi-100 qubits Quantum Simulator by the end of this year with remote access in 2021.

Model of Pasqal’s QPU.

You can read more about the technical Whitepaper has been published in the reference journal “Quantum” which describes the technology, in particular the two modes of control – Analog or Digital – that are used in order to perform computations with the arrays of neutral atoms at the core of the qubits. Funding as been provided by Quantonation, TPY and BPI France, along with the support of Région Île-de-France.

Find out more about the plan here.