Japan gets serious about Quantum Industry with new Quantum Council to tackle Quantum Computing and Quantum Cryptography

In a recent release, Eleven Japanese companies which include the giant Toshiba, Toyota and Nippon Telegraph plan to jointly launch a council this summer 2021 to create a new industry using quantum technology.

The aim of the council will be to identify and discuss issues linked to quantum computers, quantum cryptography and other quantum relevant technologies, such as networking. One focus is of course to explore industrializing quantum technology, which is widely expected to play a key role in national security and potentially the Japanese economy and compete with the Chinese and US markets. It is thought the all Japanese consortium will help cement ties and build shared knowledge within the sector and the companies.

“This is an all-Japan system aimed at making the country a world innovation leader in quantum technology,”

Toshiba President Satoshi Tsunakawa

Quantum Internet

Mercari – an online retailer – has set up an organization for the research and development of the quantum internet run jointly with Keio University and the University of Tokyo. The new organization aims to put quantum internet into real use on a trial basis in 15 years.

We look forward to seeing more from Japan.