Intel Getting Behind Neuromorphic Computing with Lohi 2

It might not be quantum but it is pretty cool. The chipmaker, Intel is continuing to push into new research areas in its efforts to dominate the computing market with Neuromorphic computing. Neuromorphic computing models the way the brain works through spiking neural networks. Increasing interest surrounds new computing paradigms, of course, Quantum being one.

Enter Loihi 2,  A New Generation of Neuromorphic Computing

Intel Labs’ second-generation neuromorphic research chip, codenamed Loihi 2, and Lava, an open-source software framework, will drive innovation and adoption of neuromorphic computing solutions.

Enhancements to Lohi include:

  • Up to 10x faster processing capability
  • Up to 60x more inter-chip bandwidth
  • Up to 1 million neurons with 15x greater resource density
  • 3D Scalable with native Ethernet support
  • A new, open-source software framework called Lava
  • Fully programmable neuron models with graded spikes
  • Enhanced learning and adaptation capabilities

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