Baidu’s Quantum Computing market strategy is not just for China

Recently, Baidu Quantum Computing Institute Director Duan Run Yao talked about Baidu’s strategy and goals for the quantum computing market (10jqka and xinhuayuqing). From 2018, Baidu plunged itself into the quantum computing field, beginning research on quantum algorithms and quantum communications technology. So far the company is focusing on AI, cloud computing, and quantum architecture.

In 2019, Baidu released Quanlse, making it the first “cloud-based quantum pulse computing service” in the world. May 2020 saw the release of Paddle Quantum, the first Chinese quantum toolkit and learning platform. Four months later, Quantum Leaf was released. It is Baidu’s cloud computing service and the first in China, and both Quanlse and Paddle Quantum were upgraded.

According to the acclaimed investing and financial news site InvestorPlace, Baidu is among the top seven companies worth investing in stocks in the recent decade. The site claims that Baidu’s growth is impressive and has ample room for even more progress. With quantum computing stocks becoming more and more worthwhile to invest in, and Baidu’s three goals it is proud of, it is certainly going usher in China’s quantum age.

Instead of researching only for the sake of glory, Baidu intends to allow many different industries to benefit from its quantum computing products. The chemical, pharmaceutical, and medical fields can use quantum computers to speed up their own research. This strategy benefits not just Baidu, but the entire country of China as well. China wants to dominate the quantum race, and Baidu is but one way the mighty power of China can do it.

So far, Baidu has achieved its goals quite effectively and continues to develop its quantum products. These three products culminate in its quantum platform, We can see that Baidu’s strategy is quite effective, considering the quantum computing community is set ablaze by these achievements. Baidu is still not stopping due to its rather committed Director of the Baidu Quantum Computing Institute.

‘This platform serves the role of the modern quantum computing operating system, and users can use it to actualize anything it is capable of, all without having to interact with complicated quantum software and hardware.’

Director Duan Run Yao on

Hiring Director Duan is Baidu’s power move in the quantum computing market. He is a rather ambitious man and reported directly to Zhang Ya Qin, Baidu’s former president. In 2018, Director Duan stated that he intends to push China to the forefront of quantum computing in five years.

At first glance, Baidu might only be cranking out numbers and products, but this would only be a shallow view. Baidu is thinking years and decades ahead, trying to be faster than international competitors. Its marketing strategy is not only just for Chinese quantum supremacy but also for the global quantum race.

About Director Duan

Duan Run Yao is the Professor and the Director of the Centre for Quantum Software and Information (QSI), Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology (FEIT), University of Technology Sydney (UTS). He also works in Baidu Quantum Computing Institute as Director. Previously, he had taught and conducted research in American and Chinese universities. His UTS biography can be found here.

Duan Run Yao is the Professor and the Director of the QSI
Duan Run Yao is the Professor and the Director of the QSI