Educators look into Microsoft’s Azure Quantum Learning tools

Educators Look Into Microsoft'S Azure Quantum Learning Tools

Azure Quantum offers teaching tools and resources to help promote learning and workforce development in the field of quantum computing.

Azure Quantum aims to make it possible for students to study, contribute, and help shape the future of quantum computing. Quantum Technology Educators and Universities around the world have started using the world-class Azure Quantum curricula and its resources to equip themselves with quantum advanced learning.

The Azure Quantum’s purpose is to improve student learning in quantum computing classes through:

  • The use of the most recent quantum hardware that comes from a single cloud service, encompassing techniques such as trapped-ion, superconducting, and cold atom qubits from providers such as IonQ and Quantinuum.
  • The ability to write once and run on various platforms.
  • Q# for high-performance resource and runtime estimation.
  • With native Qiskit and Cirq support, you have the freedom to choose your language and SDK.
  • Ready-to-teach university-level curricula for quantum computing courses, including programming activities.

Students can enjoy $500 in their Azure Quantum credits, and available scholarships of up to $10,000 for educators.

Additionally, through the Azure Quantum Network, educators can engage with other educators by supporting workforce development programs, exploring innovative educational approaches, and participating in fascinating hacks and contests. With Azure Quantum credits, students may begin their hands-on exploration of quantum hardware for free.

Course materials include:

  • A 14-week course syllabus
  • Reference Materials such as lecture slides on quantum computing.
  • In programming Assignments that focus on solving quantum computing problems of varying complexity, scores are automatically generated
  • Programming assignments covering debugging of quantum programs, resource estimation of quantum programs, and running quantum programs on quantum hardware.
  • Guidance for developing new Ideas to be used for final projects and examples of final projects done by actual students.

With the provision of free quantum hardware access for students, educators can create a hands-on learning environment for their students to get them started with the experimenting phase. Every student in your class will be eligible for $500 in Azure Quantum credits to utilize with participating quantum hardware partners.

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