Microsoft Launches Resource Estimator On Azure

Microsoft Launches Resource Estimator On Azure

Microsoft has launched the Azure Quantum Resource Estimator, a tool to help quantum inventors create and optimize algorithms that will operate on future-scaled quantum computers. This new technology is one way Microsoft enables innovators to create a transformative effect with quantum at scale.

The quantum computers available today cannot accelerate the calculations required to address real-world issues. While the industry waits for hardware advancements, quantum software entrepreneurs are keen to advance and prepare for a quantum future.

But creating algorithms that will run on fault-tolerant scaled quantum computers is difficult because innovators do not know what hardware resources are required and what kind of physical and logical qubits are required.

The Azure Quantum Resource Estimator was created expressly to address these concerns. It deconstructs the resources needed for a quantum algorithm, including the overall number of physical qubits, the computing resources needed, including wall clock time, and the formulae and numbers used for each estimate. 

Understanding this data will help innovators develop, test, and refine their algorithms, leading to real solutions that will use scaled quantum computers when they become accessible. For the first time, resource estimates for quantum algorithms at scale can be compared across different hardware profiles.

Microsoft’s Resource Estimator was initially an internal tool and has played an important role in defining the design of the company’s quantum computer. The insights it has supplied have guided the company’s approach to developing a machine capable of the scale required for impact, including the system’s architecture and choice of qubits, i.e., topological qubits.

“Resource estimation should be a part of the pipeline for anyone working on fault-tolerant quantum algorithms. Microsoft’s new tool is great for this,”

Michał Stęchły, Tech Lead at Quantum Software Team, Zapata Computing.

Today’s NISQ systems execute a limited number of operations in an algorithm, but trillions of operations must be executed successfully to achieve a meaningful quantum advantage. Scaling up to a fault-tolerant quantum computer with built-in Quantum Error Correction will bridge this gap. 

With the Resource Estimator, innovators can now estimate the overheads in time and space necessary to implement your scaled quantum algorithms on several hardware designs and use the data to better your algorithms and applications well before scaled fault-tolerant hardware is available. The Resource Estimator will aid in the transition from noisy intermediate-scale quantum (NISQ) systems to fault-tolerant quantum computers.

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