D-Wave Announces Product Enhancements And More Customers At Qubits 2023

D-Wave Quantum Computing

D-Wave has announced recent product improvements for its annealing and gate model quantum computing systems, as well as new and renewed commercial client engagements. These advancements reflect quantum technology’s accelerated acceptance and rising appreciation of the technology’s capacity to unleash business value today.

Commercial Adoption of D-Wave’s Practical Quantum Solutions Grows

Qubits is an annual user conference hosted by D-Wave, focusing on real-world applications of quantum technology that can deliver business value today. The conference is in its seventh year and is considered one of the premier events in the quantum computing industry. 

This year, the conference is being held virtually between January 17-19, 2023, providing business and technology leaders, developers, and researchers the opportunity to hear from quantum practitioners about how they are using D-Wave technology to tackle complex business challenges. 

Some quantum-hybrid applications on display at Qubits include solutions from Mastercard, Davidson Technologies, Recruit Group, Pattison Food Group, and SavantX. In addition to showcasing these commercial applications, D Wave announced that it has recently added several customers to its portfolio, representing a diverse set of potential use cases. These include Siemens Healthineers, Unisys, and Davidson Technologies. 

Product Updates Reflect New Milestones for Both Annealing and Gate Model Platforms

D Wave also shared updates about its products, including its next-generation Advantage2 annealing quantum computing system, which is expected to feature 7000+ qubits and 20-way connectivity and will be implemented in a new lower-noise fabrication stack. The improvements are:

  • Qubits within prototype processors made using a newly created reduced noise fabrication technique showed a remarkable 4x decrease in noise. This increases the coherence among qubits, consequently boosting the Advantage2 quantum system’s performance, enabling customers to solve more complex problems with greater precision. 
  • The Ocean SDK and issue visualizer have been upgraded to reflect increased Advantage2 connectivity (20-way), showcasing more compact embedding that enables more extensive, more complex challenges and better solutions.

The company also shared updates to its software solutions, including its constrained quadratic model (CQM) hybrid solver in Leap

  • According to D-Wave, continuous variables allow them to depict better-limited issues such as production capacity, available money, and asset monitoring, thereby increasing the scope of quantum solutions in the Mixed Integer Programming (MIP) space.
  • Weighted constraints allow quantum developers to more simply and precisely simulate issues where conventional computer logic cannot meet all restrictions while pre-solve strategies like lowering problem size and allowing bigger models to be submitted to the hybrid solver by eliminating superfluous variables and constraints to obtain a cleaner data set.

Among the milestones achieved include the following:

  • Benchmarking 1- and 2-qubit fluxonium qubit circuits and verifying a novel scalable readout approach for gate model design.
  • Completing the first iteration of a logical qubit architecture, which uses fresh scalable control and readout technologies.
  • D-Wave has added a new gate model simulator to the Ocean suite of open-source tools, allowing programmers to build quantum circuits, design and incorporate quantum gates into any circuit, and simulate circuits using its speedy state-vector simulator.

Overall, Qubits provides a platform for businesses to learn about and explore the potential of quantum computing and how it can be applied to solve complex business challenges.

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About D-wave

D-Wave Systems is a Canadian quantum computing company founded in 1999. The company produces and sells quantum computing systems and services. D-Wave’s flagship product is the D-Wave 2000Q, a quantum computer that uses quantum annealing to solve optimization problems. The CEO of D-Wave Systems is Alan Baratz.