D-Wave Launches In Amazon Web Services (AWS) Quantum Marketplace

D-Wave Launches In Amazon Web Services (Aws) Quantum Marketplace

D-Wave has announced its launch in AWS Marketplace, a digital catalogue for testing and buying software that runs on Amazon Web Services (AWS). Customers of the AWS Marketplace will be able to run many D-Wave quantum computing products, including access to the Leap quantum cloud service. D-Wave is the first and only pure-play quantum computing firm with products on AWS Marketplace.

One application of quantum computing is in optimization processes — finding solutions that minimize cost or maximize profits given certain constraints such as time or budget limits. This problem-solving is essential for many businesses in almost every sector, from manufacturing through logistics and supply chain management to marketing and sales, where finding optimal solutions that meet multiple objectives can be particularly challenging.

Companies such as GSK, Lockheed Martin, and Volkswagen have developed numerous real-world commercial applications to run on D-Wave’s systems and hybrid solvers, representing use cases spanning transportation and mobility, preventative health care, airline scheduling, and more. 

According to Hyperion Research, about 70% of organizations surveyed have an in-house quantum computing program, with higher revenue, cost savings, improved business processes, innovation, and competitive advantage cited as important corporate goals that they rely on quantum computing to solve. 

Therefore, D-Wave’s listing is timely because businesses are increasingly looking to quantum technology to tackle their most complex business challenges. AWS Marketplace customers will be able to acquire many D-Wave quantum computing products, including access to the Leap quantum cloud service.

D-Wave, a full-stack quantum computing provider, was the first to deliver a commercial quantum computer. The company has a clientele that includes more than twenty members of the Forbes Global 2000. Because of its professional services-enabled application development, D-Wave is the only quantum computing business that today provides commercial applications at the production scale.

D-Wave is releasing four solutions in AWS Marketplace to help develop and manufacture real quantum computing applications. They include:

Leap Quantum Cloud Service, which offers real-time access to D-Wave’s quantum computers, and a quantum-classical hybrid solver service that can handle problems with up to one million variables and 100,000 constraints,

Quantum Proof of Concept, which helps customers validate a selected quantum use case through detailed problem discovery, problem definition, development of an initial prototype solution, and testing with representative application data, 

Quantum Feature Selection for Machine Learning, which uses quantum hybrid approaches to optimize feature selection in model training and prediction, and,

Quantum Consulting Services which combines technical enablement, products, and services to help customers solve complex problems and deliver real business value.

“The era of commercial quantum computing is here. Forward-looking organizations are increasingly turning to quantum computing to find solutions for today’s complex and computationally intensive business problems, ultimately to reduce costs and increase revenue,” “By launching in AWS Marketplace, we’re introducing our Leap quantum computing service to AWS customers, enabling them to quickly and easily start deriving business value from quantum computing today.”

Mark Snedeker, senior vice president of growth at D-Wave.

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