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We take an early glimpse at Microsoft’s new Quantum computing course

Microsoft is one of the most well known software companies on the planet that has reaches into operating systems, games (with Xbox) and even hardware. Microsoft also has numerous research centres which are focused on cutting edge computer science. As you might expect, Microsoft is working on Quantum Computing. We take a look at how Microsoft is helping people learn about the Quantum space, it’s Quantum programming language and software stack.

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Toyota and Microsoft Quantum reduce carbon emissions 20% with Azure Quantum

Sadly the world still runs on carbon and despite the need to reduce it, or eliminate it completely there are still plenty of gas guzzlers on the road. The question is whether any optimization could help the environment without going full electric. Microsoft, Toyota and Jij worked on using Quantum algorithms to efficiently help traffic flow around the streets of Japan.

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Could IBM re-invent itself and become the King of Quantum Cool?

I grew up in the twilight time between home computers and PC’s or more specifically IBM compatible PCs. The early nineties were a mix of playing with primitive machines like the BBC micro, spectrum machines and the Commodore 64. But it was the IBM PC that really set me on the journey into computing, science and much more. Here was a proper business machine that could be used at home for everything from spreadsheets to games to word-processing to developing read world applications.

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Microsoft Azure for Quantum Computing is coming soon

Microsoft is one of the larger technology companies that has invested heavily in Quantum technologies by developing it’s technologies for both hardware and software tooling and language too (Q#). It is now taking Quantum to the cloud by bringing it to its popular Azure platform. Amazon is one Microsoft’s main competitors in the cloud computing and now cloud quantum computing space.

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