Azure Quantum Platform by Microsoft welcomes IonQ’s Aria Quantum Hardware

Azure Quantum Platform By Microsoft Welcomes Ionq'S Aria Quantum Hardware

IonQ, a leading Quantum Company that currently has its quantum system in the cloud on Amazon Bracket, Google cloud, and now has it accessible in Microsoft Azure. The team has announced its collaboration with Microsoft’s Azure Quantum Platform. The cooperation will bring IonQ Aria, the company’s most recent quantum system, to the cloud platform, which already includes IonQ’s previous generation of quantum systems in its hardware lineup.

We believe the future of quantum computing relies on getting the power of today’s systems into the hands of as many people as possible, and building on our existing partnership with Microsoft is an important step along that path.

Peter Chapman, IonQ President and CEO

The IonQ Aria quantum computer is the most advanced commercially accessible quantum computer from IonQ. It features a miniaturized “deck of cards” trap and vacuum chamber kit. The compact form factor not only reduces the size of the system’s core but also improves overall stability. It is also the industry’s most powerful quantum computer, with 20 Algorithmic Qubits (#AQ) based on typical application-oriented industry criteria.

Anyone with an internet connection will be able to use IonQ Aria’s capabilities as a result of this agreement, extending the democratization of quantum computing.

Azure Quantum helps customers learn, explore, and develop for quantum impact with an open, unified cloud ecosystem, and with the addition of IonQ’s Aria, offers even more capabilities and hardware diversity.

The innovators on our platform will benefit from IonQ Aria’s ability to execute quantum circuits with more gates, pursuing the development and exploration of larger quantum programs.

Dr. Krysta Svore, Distinguished Engineer, VP Quantum Software at Microsoft

IonQ established cooperation with Hyundai Motor earlier this quarter to develop quantum algorithms to model battery chemistry in electric vehicles. IonQ has previously announced partnerships with GE Research to address risk reduction and Goldman Sachs to develop Monte Carlo simulations for financial applications such as pricing.

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