Azure Quantum is now open for business

As promised Microsoft has now released its Quantum service on Azure for the general public. Billing itself as the world’s first full-stack, public cloud ecosystem for quantum solutions, Azure Quantum is now open to end users.

Partnering with many hardware providers, Microsoft is allowing users to explore the quantum stack built upon Microsoft Azure (Microsoft’s popular cloud service). Hardware providers are 1QBit, Honeywell, Toshiba, IonQ, Quantum Circuits, Inc (QCI) and the stack allows interoperability between the various hardware providers.

The public preview of Azure Quantum is a key milestone for quantum computing at Microsoft. Like other Quantum cloud solutions available from IBM, the Seattle based company hopes to be quantum cloud of choice by offering (as it claims) the most full-stack Quantum cloud. Microsoft has been showcasing some of the research and work that can be done with Azure Quantum ranging from optimization, risk management and even healthcare using quantum inspired algorithms.

Learn more about Azure Quantum and get an account to get exploring and navigating Azure. If you want to learn more about the tools and languages from Microsoft such as Q#, take a look at our introduction to the Q# language tutorials from Microsoft.