Softbank Corporation Partners With Sandbox AQ to Implement Selected PQC Algorithm to Prevent Attacks From Quantum Computers

Softbank Corporation Partners With Sandbox Aq To Implement Selected Pqc Algorithm To Prevent Attacks From Quantum Computers

SoftBank Corporation has officially announced its partnership with Sandbox AQ, an enterprise SaaS company leveraging quantum technology and artificial intelligence. This collaboration is important because it’ll bring the solution to one of SoftBank’s key problems, implementing the selected PQC algorithms in the ongoing NIST PQC project.

The need for PQC (post-quantum cryptography) is growing, and rightfully so. The internet is an integral part of its operations, and limitless opportunities exist for information exchange and these communication systems are internet enabled.

Cryptography enables these systems to store and transmit information in forms accessible to those it’s meant for. Cryptography techniques such as encryption, public-key cryptography, and digital signatures are used to keep information discreet.

However, if fully practicalized, quantum computing is advanced enough to enable users to automate and decipher cryptography and expose information. If large-scale quantum computers are developed, they will be able to access many public-key cryptosystems. 

This is where PQC comes in. PQC is based on quantum-resistant algorithms, so it’s “quantum-proof.” It is advanced security against both quantum computers and classical computers. It can be applied to public-key cryptography as well as digital signatures. The best part is that it is compatible with the internet.

NIST is proposing for post-quantum cryptography standardization, although the documented PQC  standards might not be available until 2024.

“In a society where all industries are digitalized and based on communication infrastructures, ultra-secure communication is becoming more and more essential and should be the top priority. Sandbox AQ is not only highly skilled but also ready for implementation. When this verification is successful, it will be possible to introduce the technology on a trial basis in industries that require high security, such as banking and insurance,”

Ryuji Wakikawa, SoftBank Corp. Vice President and Head of the Advanced Technology Division.

The SoftBank-Sandbox AQ partnership will bring SoftBank closer to the solutions they seek, implementing the PQC algorithms selected as finalists in the ongoing NIST project. By 2022, SoftBank will test run quantum-resistant algorithms on diverse networks such as WiFi, 5G, and 4G to examine their machine, network, and user experience performance.

SoftBank’s goal is that their networks and customers can enjoy “quantum-proof” security in the near future.

“Securing the world’s global communication infrastructure from quantum-related threats is paramount to protect the world’s businesses, our privacy, and our way of life. As one of the world’s leading communications companies, SoftBank has an opportunity to get ahead of its competitors by implementing quantum-resistant PQC algorithms across its networks, and online properties before these threats fully emerge,”

Jack D. Hidary, CEO, Sandbox AQ.

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