IonQ and GE kick-off initiative in Risk Analysis to look at complex systems

IonQ, a quantum computing company with qubits based on trapped ions has announced that it will collaborate with GE (General Electric) Research to explore the impact of quantum computing and IonQ’s quantum computers in the fields of risk analysis, expected to lay the groundwork for risk management across sectors such as finance, government amongst others.

“Globally, we’re grappling with incredibly complex systems that impact financial markets, supply chains, and daily business operations; the organizations that do not understand their exposure to risks within these complex systems are increasingly vulnerable,”

Peter Chapman, CEO and President of IonQ

The new partnership aims to use copulas in quantum computing which can help elucidate the relationships between parameters. The aim is to look at this type of analysis to explore risk implications with the multivariate technique.

IonQ is one of the very first companies to become a pure quantum computing company listed on the stock market via a SPAC and has certainly grabbed headlines in addition to their hardware being available on many of the major Quantum computing platforms such as Amazon’s BraKet. The company will soon be the first publicly traded Quantum Computing company.

“Quantum computing has the potential to accelerate disruptive innovation for many industries,”

Dave Vernooy, a Senior Executive and Digital Technologies Leader at GE Research