Quantum Investment

From SPAC to SPAQ. How Quantum might get to the market quicker than we all thought

February 25, 2021

The new word in investment circles is SPAC which stands for Special Purpose Acquisition Company. This financial entity is helping companies that would not easily be able to get onto the public markets an easy runway. We at Quantum Zeitgeist have often written about when the first “proper” Quantum company IPO will take place – what we mean by this is a truly dedicated Quantum technology company firm. Might the process of SPAC actually mean we could see Quantum Companies sooner? Well in a recent announcement from IonQ – it certainly looks like we could see a Quantum Company list via SPAC soon. We call this phenomena SPAQ (in the old tradition of putting Q into everything Quantum).

What is a SPAC?

A Special Purpose Acquisition Company is perhaps best described as publicly listed shell company. What makes this arrangement interesting is that the company is often already listed. Also known as “Blank check/cheque companies,” SPACs have been around for a while but recently they have become more popular. SPAC’s may or may not already be listed on the market – as investors can come together to build a SPAC with a specific intention to acquire companies or organisations of interest.

Quantum SPAC’s

One of the larger Quantum Companies IonQ is currently in talks with an existing company as a route to the public market. According to reports IonQ is in advanced talks to merge with blank-check/SPAC company named DMY Technology Group Inc. This would then produce the first public Quantum Computing Company that is truly an operational company in the sector. This would be the first real dedicated public Quantum Computing company with a real technological offering. The value of the combined company is thought to worth about $2 billion with the deal potentially finalized in the upcoming weeks.

IonQ’s technology utilized Ion Traps – a particular type of Qubit that uses Ions as qubits. Other technologies exist such as Photonics, Superconducting or Semiconductor for example. IonQ was founded just six years ago in 2015 by Chris Monroe and Jungsang Kim and already likely has a valuation towards “unicorn status” – companies worth over $1 billion. Already the technology can be used by those on the Amazon Quantum platform named Bra Ket.