David Bohm Documentary Film released soon

You may have heard of David Bohm. Pilot wave anyone? His view of Quantum Mechanics is one of the lesser considered but is certainly extremely interesting. Now there is a FREE documentary about this giant of quantum physics.

David Bohm’s view on Quantum Physics is fascinating

Here is a brief synopsis of the Documentary Film Infinite Potential:

By telling the little-known story of David Bohm and evoking the realms he explored in his research, INFINITE POTENTIAL takes us on a mesmerizing and immersive journey into the mystery of Consciousness––through the use of hypnotic music and rich visual tapestries. The film includes interviews with luminaries such as H.H. the Dalai Lama, esteemed artist Antony Gormley, Oxford philosopher and physicists Sir Roger Penrose, and many more who were influenced by Bohm’s revolutionary work.

Bohm’s explorations led him to intuit a hidden order to reality––the Quantum Potential––that underlies both the microscopic world of subatomic particles and also the macro world of stars and galaxies. Bohm had turned to Eastern thought and the wisdom traditions of India to talk about something that underlies all of creation––a realm that mystics have known about for millennia and modern science is only just beginning to explore. Bohm’s revolutionary ideas were way ahead of their time––a threat to the scientific orthodoxy. And that’s why he was dismissed.

Today, University College London and the University of Toronto are conducting experiments to prove the existence of the Quantum Potential, which could revolutionize human thought, our relationship to the planet––and David Bohm could well become a household name.

Free tickets for the premiere are available here: InfinitePotential Documentary

About David Bohm

David Bohm was a theoretical physicist who made significant contributions in several different fields.

Born on December 20, 1917, in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, he went on to join Robert Oppenheimer’s famous group of physicists in Berkeley, California. It was while a member of this group that Bohm made a contribution that secured his scientific reputation by working on the theory of plasmas in metals.

From Berkeley Bohm moved to Princeton where he became a friend of Albert Einstein who came to view Bohm as his “spiritual son”. After writing a standard text book on Quantum Theory, Bohm came to question the orthodox interpretation of Niels Bohr and developed an alternative “Hidden Variables” approach which he believed would generate considerable controversy amongst the scientific community.

Around the same time Bohm was called before the House Un-American Activities Committee where he refused to testify. As a result he was arrested for contempt of Congress. Though eventually acquitted, he was unable to obtain a university position in the U.S. and was forced into exile in Brazil. While in Brazil, he published his “Hidden Variable” paper, but to Bohm’s dismay, it was ignored by the scientific community.