Strangeworks Unveils Advanced Compute Platform for Developers and Enterprises

Strangeworks Has Unveiled A Highly Advanced Computing Platform That Caters To The Needs Of Developers And Enterprises Alike.

Strangeworks, a company that recently raised $24 million in Series A funding, is expanding its platform to offer a range of classical and quantum-inspired solutions to customers. The company unveiled its advanced compute platform at Quantum.Tech conference held in Boston, MA. The current platform offers a range of improvements catering to different user types including the benefit of increased flexibility through an updated software development kit (SDK).

Strangeworks has collaborated closely with its enterprise customers to develop the new platform, which offers several new products in its growing marketplace of applications. The platform’s latest release goes beyond quantum computing, providing additional classical and quantum-inspired resources and solutions.

Subject Matter Experts (SME) have access to a marketplace of pre-packaged applications that cater to their specific needs. These applications cover various functions, from optimization and kernel alignment to more complex operations like variational quantum eigensolvers and neural networks.

With the latest release, Strangeworks has delivered a comprehensive set of tools that enable application developers, integration partners, and enterprise customers to create, deploy, manage, and monetize their applications and services effectively.

New Features and Third-Party Applications on the Strangeworks Platform

Managers and executives can now take advantage of improved business and reporting tools to better manage resource allocation, access levels, and billing. These tools facilitate the allocation of resources to different users and enable managers to monitor and track usage, ensuring that resources are used efficiently.

This newest release also includes several applications from third-party providers who have already added their products to the Strangeworks marketplace. Rigetti has added a quantum kernel method, and they plan to introduce a quantum convolutional neural network soon, both of which are exclusively available on Strangeworks.

Similarly, Multiverse Computing will be including its portfolio optimization application, designed specifically for non-quantum experts. BosonQ Psi will also offer its airline route optimization application on the platform.

Additionally, the platform offers billing and payment management features that simplify the process of managing financial transactions.

Strangeworks has also developed three original applications that utilize optimization methods, quantum approximate optimization algorithm (QAOA), and variational quantum eigensolver (VQE). These applications enable users to perform various tasks on multiple hardware backends.

The platform’s updated Backstage Pass Program provides early access to pre-release features, tools, and special stipends to selected applicants. The most recent offering announced at the conference is access to Quandela’s quantum computers on the cloud.

In the near future, the company plans to introduce new artificial intelligence-based tools to the platform, which will be available for beta testing soon.

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