Quantum Computing Company of the Day: Multiverse Computing

Quantum Computing Company Of The Day: Multiverse Computing

We at QuantumZeitgeist love our origination stories of the names of the companies we are profiling. Today brings us another creatively named business “Multiverse Computing”, which for many is a nod to David Deutsch, who is one of the progenitors of the Multiverse (literally multiple universes).

What does Multiverse Do?

Multiverse provides hyper-efficient software for companies from the financial industry wanting to gain an edge with quantum computing and artificial intelligence. Their team of experts is world-renowned for their innovative approaches to intractable financial and macro-economics problems.

Multiverse has offices in Toronto (Canada) and San Sebastian (Spain). It was founded in April 2019 by Roman Orus, Samuel Mugel, Enrique Lizaso Olmos, and Alfonso Rubio-Manzanares.

Quantum Computing Company Of The Day: Multiverse Computing
Predicting Market Crashes Possible? Could a Quantum Computer help? Multiverse Computing seem to think so.

The highly skilled team has published several seminal scientific articles, among which is the reference of quantum computing applications in finance. Some of the techniques they have pioneered are derivatives pricing (Towards Pricing Financial Derivatives with an IBM Quantum Computer). Plus using Quantum annealing (employing D-wave hardware) to predict financial crashes.

On the client side, Multiverse is commercializing its products to several of the world’s largest banks (by volume of Assets), including a Top 50 and Top 100 Bank. They have partnered with the largest hardware providers — Microsoft, Fujitsu, and Xanadu — with the to push existing quantum processors to their limits. They are supported by the prestigious Creative Destruction Lab and Major European Governmental Institutions.

What are Multiverse working on?

Multiverse is working with quantum hardware and quantum inspired methods to build machine learning solutions which exceed the predictive power of current best of breed solutions. Some of their main verticals are fraud detection, credit scoring assessment, and financial optimization.

Multiverse software relies on a myriad of different approaches, including Gate Model Computing, Quantum Annealing, and Gaussian Boson Sampling. By working with many hardware providers, Multiverse can apply the most appropriate hardware to any problem to build the best solutions that current technology can provide.

For quantum inspired methods, the Multiverse team boasts world leading experts in Tensor Network algorithms (originally developed for studying exotic behavior in complex quantum systems). Particularly effective when dealing with linear algebra problems, which are ubiquitous in machine learning and financial problems.

Multiverse aims to ensures its clients can derive true value from the second quantum revolution.