Quantum Computing Summer School Fellowship by the Information Science and Technology Institute (ISTI)

Quantum Computing Courses

Information Science and Technology Institute (ISTI), one of the six strategic centres organized under the National Security Education Center at Los Alamos, United States, now offers a 10-week immersive Quantum Computing program that includes lectures conducted by world-renowned quantum computation experts while also learning from one-on-one mentoring from Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) staff scientists who are pursuing cutting-edge quantum computing research.

The Quantum Computing Summer School Fellowship Students is a course that will enable the students to learn about the theoretical underpinnings of quantum computation and develop their programming skills on commercial quantum computers such as those created by D-Wave Systems, Rigetti, and IBM. The fellowship amount varies according to academic rank and ranges from $7,500 to $15,500. (junior, senior, 1st-year graduate student, etc.).

Course Overview and Curriculum

The students will receive lectures from top-tier researchers in quantum computing throughout the first two weeks, both from academic and industrial sources. Topics include an introduction to quantum-mechanical formalism and quantum information theory, gate-based quantum computing specifically on universal sets of gates, Shor’s, Grover’s, and other algorithms, quantum error correction, and fault tolerance.

The curriculum will also cover Adiabatic quantum computing and applications on Data science/machine learning, Quantum chemistry, simulating many-body systems, and solving an optimization problem. Furthermore, students will also be able to have a hands-on experience with the programming of Rigetti’s and IBM’s quantum computers.

Following the two weeks of lectures, the following eight weeks will be spent by each student working on a quantum computing research project. Each student will be assigned a LANL mentor who will suggest project subjects and offer help for this research endeavor. Each project will entail hands-on programming of a quantum computer (a Rigetti, IBM, or D-Wave model). If time permits, the student will begin preparing their results for publication.

Program Requirements

The very selective program is intended for graduate students and upper-division undergraduates. They encourage applicants from all STEM fields, including physics, computer science, engineering, math, and chemistry. Students should ideally be familiar with linear algebra, quantum physics, and some fundamental programming concepts (e.g., Python)

Students must submit their current CV, unofficial transcript, and a statement of intent outlining their research interests and experience, programming skills, knowledge of quantum mechanics and/or linear algebra, interest in this summer school, and their general strengths and objectives.

Applications are open until January 22nd, 2023. 

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