Learn Quantum Computing 101 with D-wave

The company that was the fist on the planet to sell quantum computers has a new webinar aimed at beginners on how to program a Quantum Computer from End to End.

Quantum Programming 101: Solving a Problem From End to End

D-wave’s webinar program will show you how to program a quantum computer. D-wave will explain how to do so by running through a complete, simple example. D-wave will explain how to formulate the problem, how to write it, and how to tune it for best results. Their team of experts will also be answering questions during the webinar.

You can register ➡ here.

You can also learn more about D-wave and their Leap-2 software suite from an article we wrote just a few weeks ago on Leap-2.

We at Quantum Zeitgeist also have many courses and resources that we have collected that can help you learn Quantum Computing.

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