Free resources for learning about Quantum Computing

Free Resources For Learning About Quantum Computing

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Learning about how quantum computers work and their algorithms doesn’t have to be difficult and expensive. There are plenty of great books written on the subject that range from popular to science to extensive textbooks costing hundreds of dollars.

Learning need not be expensive and can even be for FREE. At QZ we have a Quantum Booklist of learning and reference texts to cater a wide audience, but where does that leave potential learners without a budget? We decided to list some of the FREE resources from around that web that can help would-be learners understand Quantum Computing.

Free Online Books and Lectures in Quantum Computing

As something of a book hound myself I always love print, but there is a certain convenience of online books and resources. One of the best known and widely used is the Qiskit Textbook.

Free Resources For Learning About Quantum Computing

Learn Quantum Computation using Qiskit

Qiskit is one of the most established open-source Quantum Frameworks and is supported by many large QC players including IBM.

This open-source textbook in collaboration with IBM Research works as algorithms/computation course supplement based on Qiskit.

Free Resources For Learning About Quantum Computing

David Mermin’s Lecture Notes

There are plenty of individuals publishing books and information. But LECTURE NOTES ON QUANTUM COMPUTATION aims to cover the basics from little assumed knowledge. You can download the chapters directly from his site.

Free Resources For Learning About Quantum Computing

John Preskill’s Lecture Notes

Aimed at quite a high – level so certainly not an introductory guide, but quite readable series that focuses on Information theory. So if you already have some background or introductory knowledge it might be worth considering.∼preskill/ph229

Free Resources For Learning About Quantum Computing

Lecture Notes on Quantum Algorithms by Andrew Childs

This is more for advanced readers but is well put together and is over 170 pages long.

Free Online Quantum Computing Courses

Online courses and MOOCs are very popular ways to learn. Just look at the success of Stanford’s Machine Learning course which has taken the world by storm. There are also courses in Quantum Computing that can be taken without paying a single cent.

Free Resources For Learning About Quantum Computing

Quantum 101: Quantum Computing & Quantum Internet

Most online courses can be audited for FREE, which means unless you want or need a certificate you can simply learn the course materials.

TU Deflt are a famous for their expertise in Quantum Computing and the Quantum Internet.

Learn more here.

Free Resources For Learning About Quantum Computing

Quantum Computing with Brilliant

Brilliant is a great way to learn about maths and subjects such as Quantum Computing. They have a specialist QC course tailored to help you understand how it works.

Look at the QC course from Brilliant. (QZ gets commission for purchases).

Video Series on Quantum Computing

Some companies involved with Quantum Computing produce education around their products and generally the QC field. Companies such as Microsoft and D-wave produce videos on a variety of QC topics.

Free Resources For Learning About Quantum Computing

Quantum Impact with Microsoft

Microsoft have produced a new series that has launched on the YouTube video platform aimed at showcasing what can be done with Quantum Computing.

To see the series, look at the Microsoft Channel.

Free Resources For Learning About Quantum Computing

D-wave Quantum Annealing

D-wave are the pioneers of Quantum Computing, specifically Quantum annealing. D-wave have produced a video outlining how Quantum Annealing works.

Understand Quantum Annealing here.

So if you do find yourself in a lock-down bored due to the corona virus. Then without spending a single cent, you can learn about the world of Quantum Computers. Do please let us know if you find other FREE resources that are good quality.