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New year new job? Could Quantum be the new industry of the roaring twenties?

As we close out another year and another decade, many pundits will be thinking about the next decade and what technological and science breakthroughs we can look forward to. A lot can happen in 10 years and the excitement in the speed of innovation with developments like the web, mobile and communications have many excited. Imagine 10 years in the development of the web – we went from cutesy home pages to full blown commerce. We might disagree about exactly what the future looks like, but how do you ensure you can still find work and employment in the new landscape?

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Running a Quantum Algorithm with Strangeworks new Quantum Platform

There is now a really easy way to get into Quantum Computing and Quantum Programming. Strangeworks have made a real effort with their new platform in making it easy and simply to use, intuitive with all the functionality that you need. If you want an outline of the new service currently in beta with Strangeworks, look at a previous article on the Strangeworks Community Platform.

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Microsoft launches new Quantum Education series on YouTube

If you don’t already know Microsoft has been working on Quantum Computing with it’s topological approach to the qubit and it’s new language Q# designed specifically for Quantum programming. Whilst Microsoft doesn’t have the hardware available in the cloud for you to run Quantum programs on, it is doing its bit to educate the world about the possible Impact of Quantum Computing. Through its new series named Quantum Impact, available on YouTube it is providing education aimed at a mass audience.

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Quantum Assisted Feed-Forward Neural Network For MNIST Image Classification

This post discusses the potential of using Quantum Variational Circuits as feature extractors and as additionally as classification layers in a classical neural network. There is implementation in qiskit with code such that the user can also run working code. It’s assumed that the reader will have a basic understanding of machine learning. Regarding requisite […]

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Learning the Julia Language

You may not have heard of Julia the language. But I’m pretty sure you have heard of python. In this article we’ll explore some of the syntax behind the Julia language and why it might be an interesting alternative to commonly used languages such as python used in data science and in quantum information and quantum computing.

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