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Learning the Julia Language

You may not have heard of Julia the language. But I’m pretty sure you have heard of python. In this article we’ll explore some of the syntax behind the Julia language and why it might be an interesting alternative to commonly used languages such as python used in data science and in quantum information and quantum computing.

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Could Julia replace Python and be transformational in Quantum Computing?

Looking around at language development and you’d be forgiven for thinking that just about everything can be programmed in the python programming language. In some ways this is peak python. In the last 20 years alone (python is older) python has gone from what I would describe as a scripting language to a fully fledged programming language taught in schools and universities. Python is the new BASIC, and even now children as young as two and three are exposed to this language. BASIC was a very popular language in the 1970’s as it ran on many micro computers which were just entering the home for the first time.

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Quantum Toolsets and Frameworks

The right toolsets for Quantum Computing There is a Cambrian explosion in both the interest in Quantum Computing and the development of appropriate toolsets that are in the eco-system for both running quantum algorithms on actual hardware and performing quantum simulations. Here we will outline some of the frameworks developed by a range of companies […]

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