Microsoft launches new Quantum Education series on YouTube

Microsoft Launches New Quantum Education Series On Youtube

If you don’t already know Microsoft has been working on Quantum Computing with its topological approach to the qubit and it’s new language Q# designed specifically for Quantum programming. Whilst Microsoft doesn’t have the hardware available in the cloud for you to run Quantum programs on, it is doing its bit to educate the world about the possible Impact of Quantum Computing. Through its new series named Quantum Impact, available on YouTube it is providing education aimed at a mass audience.

To view the series, we are including the Videos here from YouTube. Understand how Quantum Techniques are helping scientists better solve some of the challenging problems in the world such as land use optimization which can be solved with Quantum Solutions on classical hardware today but in the future can be run on Quantum Hardware.

Quantum Impact: Series Trailer
Introducing Quantum Impact (Ep. 0)
Quantum Impact: Computing a more sustainable future (Ep. 1)
Quantum Impact: Teaching the next generation of quantum

We will add more when becoming available from Microsoft. We like the take on these very professionally made videos and high budget.

If you would like to learn more about the Q# Quantum Programming Language and the QDK please see here. Also if you would like to see more about the Quantum technologies being worked on at Microsoft please see here.