Canada’s Quantum Computing Company D-wave launches Leap 2 for Quantum Applications

Unless you have been sleeping you will have likely heard of the Quantum Computing Company D-wave and their Quantum Annealing computer – which works a little bit differently to gate based Quantum Computers such as IBM and Google. One of the first to commercialise quantum computing technology D-wave have steadily been increasing their Qubit count over a number of years.

Announced on the 26th of February amongst a bad week for tech companies, and especially for listed companies – due to the Corona virus impacting many of the worlds stock-markets and technology companies – D-wave announced the product named Leap 2, which claims to be the first Quantum Cloud service to build and deploy hybrid quantum applications that have practical impact.

“the first quantum cloud service designed for developers and organizations to easily build and deploy real-world hybrid quantum applications with practical impact”

On LEAP 2 from D-WAVE

In competition with the likes of Amazon and AWS which have launched cloud computing services with a number of providers, D-wave have joined the club and offer the following features in their Leap 2 service.

  • Immediate access to a D-Wave 2000Q quantum computer (2000 qubits!)
  • Easily solve large, complex problems with the hybrid solver service
  • Speed quantum app development with the comprehensive Integrated Developer Environment (IDE)
  • Powerful new tools for advanced developers
  • Instant collaboration through online community

It appears D-wave are making their offering easier to compete and building out their services to allow more people to understand how to apply Quantum Computing to their problems. This push for a more practical approach claims that any developer can get started building and running quantum applications.

From beginner to advanced, any developer can get started building and running quantum applications.

D-wave LeAP 2

Free Quantum Computer Time

If you would like to explore the new Leap 2 service from D-wave please sign-up for free here.