Quantum Computing Company Of The Day: Sandbox AQ

The idea of quantum computing has been around for decades, but only recently have we seen real progress. In the field’s early days, people had a hard time even getting the systems to work at all. Today, we can use quantum computing to solve certain problems that would be impossible or impractical on classical computers. This breakthrough, along with the massive investment in quantum computing and AI from some of the world’s largest corporations makes it clear that these technologies are here to stay. And as quantum computers get better, there will be more and more applications for them. Today we bring to you one of the companies accelerating research in quantum computing and AI — Sandbox AQ.

Who are Sandbox AQ?

Sandbox AQ is an enterprise SaaS company based in Palo Alto, providing solutions at the core of quantum technology and AI (Artificial intelligence). Sandbox AQ became an independent venture-backed entity in 2022 with its inspiration and some of its team originating from Alphabet inc.

Sandbox AQ was founded by serial entrepreneur and CEO Jack D.Hidary. Sandbox AQ majors in developing commercial products for telecom, financial services, healthcare, government, computer security, and other computationally-intensive sectors.

The company currently has a diverse team of 55 engineers, scientists, and technologists from a wide range of specializations – physics, chemistry, AI, neuroscience, cryptography, mathematics, and other disciplines – to develop practical solutions for a wide range of use case.

The company offers services that border on global-scale artificial intelligence and machine learning infrastructure using quantum technology. AQ represents AI and Quantum, two powerful tools used by the company.

Sandbox AQ is at the lead in cyber security, quantum tech, and AI technology. It also provides assistance and training for individuals and organizations interested in learning about Quantum computing. 

Sandbox AQ’s parent company Google had also recently unveiled a new AI drug discovery company called Isomorphic Labs. This was to improve drug discovery through the use of Artificial Intelligence and Quantum Computing. Google has also collaborated with companies such as NVIDIA, and IBM to accelerate quantum research and to make big advancements toward large scale quantum computers.

What Does Sandbox AQ Do?

Sandbox AQ’s mission is to address global cyber security, healthcare, and energy challenges. It does this using data-driven technology that enables organizations to access its software.

“The gravity of the geopolitical climate necessitates that we develop stronger cybersecurity platforms for companies and governments. In addition to cybersecurity, quantum tech and AI working together have a powerful compound effect we call AQ, which can impact areas such as drug development, clean energy, and data security”.

Jack D.Hidary, CEO of Sandbox AQ.


Sandbox AQ develops and deploys hardware, application, and services that use artificial intelligence and quantum technology to achieve high-performance computing power.  Sandbox AQ’s core base is the merging of AI and Quantum.


With the goal of expansion, Sandbox AQ has received funding from numerous investors, including Breyer Capital, Eric Schmidt, T.Rome Price Associates Inc, Guggenheim Partners LLC, and many others. 

Their global customers include Vodafone Business, SoftBank mobile, Mt Sinai health system, and Affiliations with leading Global 1000 companies like WiX. 

About The CEO, Jack Hidary

Jack Hidary is the CEO of Sandbox AQ. He studied in Colombia, majoring in neuroscience, and received the Stanley fellowship in clinical neuroscience at NIH. He is also a co-founder of several tech companies and has been recognized for his leadership qualities by organizations such as World Economic Forum.

Jack Hidary is the author of the book titled: Quantum Computing: An Applied Approach. The book dissects the topic of quantum computing and also teaches the foundations of quantum computing using a hands-on coding approach and techniques such as Shor’s algorithm. The book is in its second edition and is now used as a course textbook at many Universities.

“The convergence of quantum and AI technologies is already transforming entire industries, accelerating scientific discovery and reimagining what we thought was possible.”

Eric Schmidt.