Quantinuum’s Latest Machine Now Spots a Quantum Volume of 4096

In fulfilment of promises made by Honeywell Quantum Solutions in March 2020 to increase the performance of its trapped ion technologies by an order of magnitude for five years in a row, Quantinuum’s H-Series hardware has set the record for measured quantum volume for the sixth time in two years. 

Quantinuum has attributed its success to the consistent upgrades of its two quantum computers, H1-1 & H1-2, and marks a second quantum volume milestone this week using its system model H1-2. This milestone is right after it passed quantum volume 2048 in December 2021.  

 “This is the second consecutive year we’ve delivered on that promise and our commitment to developing the highest performing quantum hardware available.” “This approach allows us to continuously add new updates and features to our systems, which enables us to improve performance,” “We learn a lot about our machines by running projects and can make small upgrades or tweaks that keep our fidelities high.” 

Tony Uttley, president and chief operating officer at quantinuum

System model H1-2 achieved an average single-qubit gate fidelity of 99.994(3)%, an average two-qubit gate fidelity of 99.81(3)% with fully connected qubits, and a measurement fidelity of 99.72(5)%. With this record, the system model H1-2 passed the quantum volume 4096 benchmark with heavy outcomes 69.04% (above the ⅔ threshold) of the time and greater than 99.99% confidence.  

To determine the confidence interval, the team used a method developed by quantinuum researchers Dr. Charlie Baldwin and Dr. Karl Mayer. The method uses a plot to show the growth of Measured Quantum Volume of the quantum computer. 

Uttley says the next step is to continue improving gate fidelities and increasing qubit numbers on both quantinuum computers

“The System Model H1-2 used all 12 of its fully connected qubits to pass Quantum Volume 4096,” “We have reached the limit of what we can do with 12 qubits. To continue to improve performance, we need to add qubits”.

Tony Uttley, president and chief operating officer at quantinuum

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