Q-CTRL And Classiq Collaborate To Advance Quantum Algorithm Development

Q-Ctrl And Classiq Collaborate To Advance Quantum Algorithm Development

Q-CTRL, an Australian-based quantum computing company, and Classiq, a Tel Aviv-based company developing quantum algorithm software, have announced a collaboration to deliver an end-to-end platform for building, running, and evaluating quantum algorithms.

In this partnership, Classiq will combine its Quantum Algorithm Design platform with Q-CTRL’s quantum control methods to improve hardware performance. The integration will provide a single interface for developers to develop algorithms and run them with high-performance error reduction approaches. This way, users can access the function of quantum computers with ease.

The Partnership

Both companies’ solutions are straightforward, so users don’t need vast quantum computing skills to operate, allowing them to focus on domain-specific applications that are most important to them. The tools can be used for constructing meaningful quantum algorithms to handle some of the world’s most complex computing problems, including finance, quantum machine learning for drug discovery, and logistics optimization challenges.

“Our partnership with Classiq is another significant step forward in making quantum technology useful and readily available,” “We look forward to seeing how developers leverage our new integration to address critical challenges that are too complex for classical computing.”

Aravind Ratnam, Chief Strategy Officer at Q-CTRL.

Users can build on the Classiq platform using Q-CTRL’s hardware-enhancing technologies “under the hood.” Classiq’s quantum algorithm design platform can convert high-level functional models into quantum circuits. Developers could specify the desired behavior and constraints, and the software will explore several options to identify the optimum solution. 

Q-CTRL’s quantum control infrastructure software provides the greatest performance error-correcting and suppressing techniques in the world. These tools are hardware agnostic, meaning they can operate on various quantum hardware suppliers. 

“We are excited to partner with Q-CTRL to combine our expertise and platforms for real-world benefit,” “Combining our complementary technologies creates a seamless and computationally improved environment that expands the possibilities for quantum developers, and we are proud to enable new, impactful applications.”  

Nir Minerbi, CEO and co-founder at Classiq.

One of the most significant barriers stopping the quantum sector from realizing the full potential of the technology is noise and decoherence in quantum hardware. Over the years, researchers have developed various methods for overcoming decoherence: using superconducting materials instead of silicon transistors, using cryogenic temperatures to keep things cold, or even building computers inside vacuum chambers.

Q-CTRL provides solutions to enhance quantum algorithms and hardware design to mitigate these negative impacts, as well as instructional tools to increase the talent pool of quantum software developers. They are focused on developing an ecosystem of solutions to address the industry’s most significant obstacles to making quantum technology usable to companies worldwide.