Classiq And NTT DATA To Collaborate To Implement Quantum Algorithm For Financial Innovation

Through collaborations with NTT DATA – a leading IT expert, Classiq is working to develop a quantum algorithm design to solve credit risk analysis problems. Credit risk analysis is essential to determine the creditworthiness of borrowers. It also helps to reduce risk to banks and other loan-giving institutions.

The duo has joined forces to design and implement quantum algorithms that will be useful in credit risk analysis for banks and other financial institutions that deal with giving loans to borrowers.

“NTT DATA is looking forward to collaborating with Classiq,” “We are interested in applying quantum computer technology to financial engineering and believe that the need to compute complex business models will increase in the future. Classiq’s platform enables us to effectively generate and run quantum algorithms for the issues in applying to our supposed use case.”

Shunichi Amemiya, Head of Research and Development HQ, NTT DATA.

By capturing, synthesizing, analyzing, and optimizing quantum algorithms using Classiq’s platform, NTT DATA will be able to execute a credit risk analysis algorithm that is not limited by historical data.

Classiq is a quantum computing company with a platform for building quantum circuits that help companies solve real-life problems. At Classiq, it is believed that quantum algorithms should be limited only by ingenuity and imagination, not by laborious gate-level design. To foster this, they have built a software platform that helps quantum teams automate the process of converting high-level functional models into optimized quantum circuits.

Quantum Computing is finding ever more applications in different sectors that range from Finance to Pharmaceuticals

“Sophisticated algorithms typically require a greater number of qubits,” “TheClassiq Quantum Algorithm Design platform is the best way to generate intricate quantum circuits with ease without resorting to the process of manual, tedious gate-level programming.”

Nir Minerbi, CEO, Classiq.

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