Oxford Ionics And Infineon Technologies AG Announce A Partnership To Develop Fully Integrated QPUs

Oxford Ionics And Infineon Technologies Ag Announce A Partnership To Develop Fully Integrated Qpus

Oxford Ionics, a UK-based quantum computing company, and Infineon Technologies AG, a German semiconductor manufacturer, have announced a collaboration to develop high-performance and fully integrated quantum processing units (QPUs). Oxford Ionics has over two years of experience in quantum technology. Their electronic qubit control (EQC) technology, combined with Infineon’s engineering and manufacturing capabilities, will accelerate the commercial production of QPUs with hundreds of qubits. The objective is to transition quantum computing (QC) technology from research labs to practical industry applications. It is, therefore, necessary to create massively scalable qubit technologies that can control an increasing number of qubits and keep quantum error levels low.

For many sectors seeking a fundamental increase in their procedures and capacities, quantum computing opens up the next frontier in computing power. However, the challenge is scaling while enhancing performance in quantum computing. Oxford Ionics’s electrical control is well equipped to do both tasks. The EQC technology from Oxford Ionics provides a way to incorporate trapped-ion qubits—the leading qubit technology by quantum error levels—into Infineon’s established semiconductor processes. Infineon’s task is to correctly scale Oxford Ionics’ innovative work toward significant qubit numbers and low error rates.

The companies aim to provide, within five years, individual, fully integrated QPUs delivering hundreds of qubits networked together into a quantum supercomputing cluster through Oxford Ionics’s device.

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