Listen to why Superconducting Qubits are the best bets in Quantum Computing from Chad Rigetti

There are a few competing technologies vying for the mantle of the de-factor qubit. There are a few technologies that are making headlines including Ion Trap, superconducting and photonics and more and each has its own benefits. A recent podcast with the founder of Rigetti, Chad Rigetti focuses on the merits of superconducting technology for the backbone of quantum circuits. The company will be debuting on the stock market soon and naturally, investors will be interested to learn of the benefits of superconducting compared to other approaches.

The founder of Rigetti, Chad Rigetti

Chad Rigetti is the CEO and founder of Rigetti Computing, a full-stack quantum computing company that has agreed to a SPAC merger with Supernova Partners Acquisition Co II (SNII). Rigetti is one of the most established pure-play quantum start-ups. This is sure to excite investors as competitor IonQ has also joined the stock in the same way; with a SPAC merger. We have written extensively about SPACs and IonQ.

Is it a winner take all market for Quantum Computing? Zero-Sum Game? Fellow de-SPAC darling and quantum computing competitor IONQ focuses on trapped ions vs. superconducting. Chad shares his views on both the competitive dynamic and if there is space for multiple winners, though contends that superconducting technology is best set up for success for the long term. Superconducting vs. trapped ions (IONQ) and others such as Universal Quantum will be an increasingly discussed point.

The podcast featuring Chad Rigetti

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