IBM offering free quantum course for a year

IBM is now offering a free quantum computing course called ‘Qubit by Qubit’s Introduction to Quantum Computing’ in association with the Coding School. Open to high school students and even working professionals, there will be space for 5000 learners for free. Priority will be given to high school students applying, however.

TAs will lead weekly lectures and labs, helping learners attain knowledge and be introduced to subjects such as quantum computing, quantum mechanics, and quantum algorithms. Students will also have the opportunity to run a program on a real quantum computer while working.

The topics that will be covered by the IBM course Qubit by Qubit’s Introduction to Quantum Computing:

  • Limits of Classical Computation
  • Mathematics for Quantum
  • Quantum Mechanics
  • Quantum Programming
  • Quantum Information
  • Quantum Algorithms
  • Advanced Quantum Algorithms

To ensure the students are future-ready, IBM decided that there will be no need for prerequisites. You do not even need prior knowledge of quantum computing or STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics). The only details you have to provide are your name, occupation, current country of residence, email address, school and grade/university, and more.

‘We don’t want education access to be the roadblock in the way of any passionate student, no matter their location or circumstances, to make a potentially groundbreaking impact.’

on the origins of the Quantum program
The course highlights

The applications are currently being reviewed, and will accepted in two rounds, being October 9 and October 15. It’s better to apply sooner than later. However, if there is a spot left, a later application has a chance to be accepted.

Both IBM Quantum and Qiskit are enabling quantum computing knowledge to be accessible by offering these free courses for students. Earlier, the Qiskit Global Summer School was hosted for two weeks to teach quantum computing knowledge. That event was attended by 4084 students coming from 101 countries.

This free course is from IBM, and IBM is one of the leaders in quantum computing, making it a must-join for students and professionals.

About IBM Quantum

IBM Quantum is a leader in quantum computing. Other than developing quantum solutions and software, it also offers free courses to students and supports the open source quantum framework: Qiskit.